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First Name Last Name Current Residence College Current Job Best Memory Graduation Year
David Abrams MN UConn Self Employed 1974
Andrew Albert NY University of Pennsylvania Portfolio Management Watching Nick Trebat do the Eye of the Tiger dance. 1995
Jim Bacharach MA Union College VP, Sales and Marketing Just one? The final whistle in the '71 state finals. 1972
Tod Barrett CT Southern CT State University CAD Software Development Gordy scoring the winning goal in overtime to win the State Championship and the celebration after! 1979
Steve Baumann NY University of Pennsylvania President, National Soccer Hall of Fame 1969 State 1-0 overtime semi-final win in November snowstorm. Great ball, Lev! 1970
Gregory S. Beard Illinois Cornell Univeristy Principal Watching Rick Jacobson score against Ridgefield. 1980
Scott Bennewitz CT 1975
John Bermudez NY Skidmore College winning FCIACS 1999
Chris Bernegger CT Tulane University Crude Oil Derivitives 1978
Mark Bieler CT Harvard Vice President 1983
Brad Bierman CT University of Vermont Equity Trader Winning '94 FCIAC Championship 1991
Nathan Bird Westport, CT College of Santa Fe Global Business Manager 1991
Warren Bird CT St. Lawrence University Vice President Second Favorite Moment – Watching Rob Wilder's waist wobble during build-ups with Murph. 1984
Gregg Boersma MD Babson Summer 1976 trip to Germany 1977
Kevin Boyarsky NH Washington University 1978
Bruce Boyarsky RI Boston College 1980
Robert Brass CA Investment Banker 1990
Neil Brickley CT UConn Manager of the State Bridge Program 1971
Mike Brown CT Middleburry The Legend (Stone) scoring the winning goal in overtime with a blast from what now seems like 60 yards, to win the State Championship at Connors field (where many of us watched Gordy Hull do it for Staples a number of years ealier). . Sorry I need to share more then just one moment. Memories of Dalmage doing the airplane down the side lines after each goal are still strong, as well as Moses serenading the entire bus with Sister Sledge on the away games. The fear of seeing Dennis Murphy stride down the hill just as practicing was ending to prepare us for the States with his patented Buildups. . I must also share my favorite Staples Alumni Lore – True or not, I always got a kick out of hearing the story of Kenny and Kevin Murphy playing against each other in the New England qualifiing finals for Division 1 College soccer between URI and UCONN and both brother getting Red Cards for brawling with each other in the middle of the game. 1983
Pete Brummel WA Syracuse Univeristy Firefighter/EMT 1983
Tom Buoy NJ Ithaca College; Cornell University 1987
Tim Caffrey CO Customer Experience Steve Udyess breaking the leg of a Fairfield player going for a 50/50 ball. Both players kicked the ball at the same time. Steve won. 1993
Pat Cain WY Marietta College Petroleum Engineer Just being able to play on the Staples field with all of the tradition. Mr. Loeffler. The 1976 summer of soccer in Germany. 1977
Lance Candon GA 1990
Marc Cantor NJ UMass 1965 County Championship 1967
Fred Cantor CT Yale University There were so many, it is tough to pick a favorite as a player. As a fan, my favorite memory unquestionably was watching my brother Marc and his teammates beat McMahon 2-1 in the 1965 FCIAC championship. Staples was undefeated and untied going into the match, but was still considered the underdog. McMahon had future college All-Americans John Sahnas and Phil Kydes on its front line. The '65 squad is still the only one in Wrecker history to enter the state tournament with an unblemished record. And it was the one that really inspired me as a 12-year-old novice to immerse myself in the sport. My favorite memory as a fan at a professional match was watching my former Staples teammate Tim Hunter score a goal against the New York Cosmos, who had Pele, Beckenbauer and Carlos Alberto on the field at the time of the goal. And so it goes … 1971
Michael Carey CT Union College Going 16-0 in the regular season, Playing in the FCIAC Final, pre-practice soccer tennis games. . 2001
Rick Carpenter CT Dartmouth 1975
Matthew Cass DC Kenyon College Manager of communications and marketing, American Subcontractors Association (ASA) Being a member of the 1997 FCIAC winning team, or making the state tournament our senior year (1999). 1999
Brendan Cass Other 1997
Peter Castiglia NM Union Paleoclimatology Anything Nick Trebat ever said 1995
Ricardo Ceballos TX Beating the school from Storrs (ranked 6 in the country). 1993
Todd Champagne CA Middlebury College VT Pickler running down North Ave to play freshman ball with Woog! 1993
Guy Claveloux CT Union College Managing director and leader of North American Marine Practice for Marsh, Inc. Dan Woog said it best when he wrote: His instep drive caught the ball square adn it shot toward the goal, 40 yards away. It rose and rose, gaining height and velocity, and then suddenly it dipped, just under the 8-foot high crossbar. Goaltender Tom Austin lunged futilely for the ball, which had already smashed into the back netting, and fallen to the ground behind him. He looked up in time to see a huge pile of delirious Wreckers smothering Rob Stone near where he unleashed his already historic shot. 1983
Andrew Clement CT Dela-where? Selling Booze 1994
Raiford Cockfield Iii NJ Wesleyan Investment Banker 1997
Francis Coen DC University of Virginia Development 1987
Todd Coleman CT Bates College M&A 1984
Chris Conaway RI Providence College Sales Engineer Any time Uydess made a bone-crunching tackle. 1992
Andrew Cornish WY Middlebury College Real estate appraiser and broker 1985
Lake Court Westport Middlebury College Student 2012
Jonathan Cox NY 1985
John Crilly CA St. Bonaventure University Regional Director Southwest 1980
Ross Cunningham MA Boston University seeing chris winkler subbed on up front at mcmahon and delivering a catharsis unlike like any i've ever seen. 2002
Clifford Cuseo CT University of Bridgeport Taking a diving header against Darien (or was it McMahon) in the FCIAC tourney and watching it hit the crossbar. We lost by 1. Ouch 1977
Bruce Davidson CT Penn State Periodontist 1965
Rick Davis Newtown CT Yale – Office of Development 1981
Bob Dearborn CA Keene State 1988
Bill Deegan TX University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Management consultant (retired from US Air Force in 1994) 1963
Alex Deegan VA 1991
Adam Diamond MA Harvard 1991
Peter Dickstein CA University of Pennsylvania CEO Winning the 1972 Connecticut State Soccer Championship 1-0 on an early goal. It was a beatiful, balmy day at Choate. We ended the season 18-0-1. 1973
Mike Dill CT UConn 1963
Michael Dobbs CO Sophomore year, The USA Today had just released their national rankings, which meant nothing, and we were #3 in the country. Danbury was #9, and that afternoon they came to Staples, and we played a game in front of a packed hill. They went on to win the game in OT, 1-0. Later that year we went up there and played them in the FCIAC semi and won. Both games were awesome and stand out in my mind. 1997
Dan Donovan CT Lehigh University Marketing Too many to even consider. 1982
Peter Doolittle CA Wesleyan University Regional vice president – sales (Merchant Internet Group, Inc.) 1988
Eric Drogan MA Babson College 1990
Ryan Durst CT Allegheny College Interested in teaching History Just getting to play an awesome sport with a phenomenal group of people. there is no one moment for me. 1999
Conrad Egusa CA 2005
Pat Eichner NJ Lehigh Leasing 1978
Toby Elder Illinois Retail Broker/Trader 1980
Richard Farquhar GA Ohio Wesleyan University Regional Manager Winning the 1977 County Championship vs. Danbury, 2-0. 1978
Doug Fincher Westport finance 1982
Ray Flanigan CT Hartwick College Photographer/Picture Framer 1968 State Semi's down 2-0 , lose Jon Hand to a broken arm, come back to tie 2-2, down 3-2, tie 3-3 win on Penalties 5-4 to advance to Final 1969
Ted Gallant CT University of Colorado 1998
Rob Genuario MD Rutgers College Biotechnology sales Team winning State Championship 1979
Michael Gerstle NY Univ. of Wisconsin VP-Finance 1966
Frank (Ft) Gilg VA Virginia Commonwealth University Healthcare Technology 1980
Kevin Gillespie CT 1981
Michael Golden NJ Bowling Green State University Executive 1965
Mark Goldrosen CA Princeton University Criminal Defense Attorney Winning state championship in 1972 1973
Don Gordon CT UMass 1986
John Green DC Tufts University Chief Operating Officer Playing Goalie for the first time in the County Championships in 1968, when the incumbent was suspended. Tied Brian McMahon 0-0. 1969
Tom Greenwald CT Harvard University Creative director/writing Look for the Doug Donovan Soccer Facilities at the new North Avenue school soon! 1979
Zack Gross CT UPENN Sitting at my desk and pretending to work, but usually just looking on this website and writing emails to my girlfriend My favorite Wrecker moment was when Matt Hendrickson locked himself inside that fence and got stung by a bee. My other favorite moment was when Cass got his vote in. Also anything Neangle did in the three years I knew him is up there. 2001
John Guadagno CT Providence College 1992
Bobby Guadagno CT Wesleyan 1999
Matt Hendrickson CT UCONN Going 16-0-0 in the regular season, setting an amazing FCIAC record. 2001
Dana Hollingsworth CT St. Lawrence University VP international sales, Targus Group International Senior year our team was 18-0-1. We won the county and state championships. The ongoing debate has always been, who had the best team ever? This will go on for eternity, but I know we had the best RECORD to date! 1973
Rich Horosky CT 1984
Randy Horton PA Denison University Senior Copywriter 1995
Ken Hoyt MA Ohio Wesleyan 1980
Kris Hrisovulos CT Niagara University 2000
Will Jansen AZ Worcester Junior & Florida International VP Reservations How the team came back when Jon Hand broke his wrist in the toutnament game. We were down and Jon asked us to go out and win and we did! 1970
Aster Jason Dallas Texas Austin College Office Manager and Sales Rep at Website Technologies LLC Only losing 3 games all season the year after the 20-1-1 state runner up squad in 2001, No one expected great things after such a loss of talent but our Senior Class and some very talented underclassmen kept the tradition strong, if not for penalty kicks we would have gone very far in both the FCIAC and State Tourneys 2002
Brooks Jessup CA Hamilton College Chinese History 1995
Manning Jimmy Union Scoring winning goal in final sudden death overtime in State Finals, preserving an unbeaten streak that started when I joined the team as a sophomore- 43 games. I never lost a game at Staples which I think is unique among all alumni. It was also the 5th state championship in a row won by Staples. 1974
Tom Johnson CT Lehigh University When Wheatie (Antonio Pastor) got kicked in the head and taken away in an ambulance (see photo) in Staples yearbook 1984 1984
Tom Jones NC Merrimack College Manage sales team for GE Capital in NC & VA 1982
Jeff Kates OH 1980
Jay Katz CT Columbia University CEO 1987
Matt Katz CT University of Maryland Pass classes Winning the state championship….in baseball. 2001
James Kaufman MA Tufts Laboratory Safety Consultant Scoring two goals against Norwalk in the second half. The game was tied 0-0 at the half when Kuhlmann arrived on his crutches. He asked what was taking me so long! 1961
Justin Keeler PA 1989
Shane Kennedy CA 1972
Matt Killian CT Sacred Heart University finishing the season 16-0-0. <p>Winning 3-2 at Danbury senior year in a storm. It was our first win versus danbury in my 4 years. 2001
Victor King CT Middlebury 1973
Bruce Kinnaman CT UVM Broker 1982
Trevor Lamb Hangzhou, China William and Mary Coach Coaching '08 JVs 2004