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Published on July 18th, 2021 | by Staples Soccer


Bruno Guiduli, Kyle Martino Serve Underserved Players

One of the cornerstones of the Staples boys soccer program is giving back to others.

Two key members — a current captain, and a former star — did just that this weekend.

On Saturday, tri-captain Bruno Guiduli brought his TOPSoccer fundraiser to Wakeman Field. Current and future Wreckers shot on a soccer goal Bruno and his father Barry constructed. It wasn’t easy — there was only a small hole in TOPSoccer’s top “O.”

But the event raised awareness — and funds — for the national US Youth Soccer program, which serves players with physical, intellectual and emotional disabilities. Since November, Bruno has collected more than $3,000 for TOPSoccer.

A few hours later, not far away in Bridgeport, Kyle Martino ’99 unveiled the first court in his Over Under Initiative. Martino — the 1999 Gatorade High School National Player of the Year while at Staples, who went on to a professional and national team career, then became a noted NBC Sports analyst — created the non-profit organization. It increases access to sports opportunities for youngsters who lack them.

Martino designed an innovative soccer goal that retracts into the ground, underneath basketball hoops. When raised, the goals instantly convert basketball courts into multi-purpose facilities, for soccer, street hockey, handball and other sports.

He opened his first court in the country yesterday, at Cesar Batalla Elementary School. Bridgeport’s superintendent of schools, several Beachside Soccer Club coaches and players, and plenty of eager kids were on hand.

Congratulations to Bruno and Kyle, for helping bring the beautiful game from Westport to many more children around the nation.

Bruno Guiduli (center), with Staples High School soccer players, and representatives of TOPSoccer and Hartford Athletic, at Wakeman Field. (Photo/Barry Guiduli)


A youngster shoots on Kyle Martino, at Cesar Batalla School. The goal folds underneath and recedes into the ground, underneath the basketball hoop. (Photo/Dan Woog)


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