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Published on April 2nd, 2009 | by Staples Soccer


Check Out Our New ‘News’ Look

Staples soccer has always been a community — and now we’re making more of one too.

The “News” page has long been one of our most popular features — but it was a one-way street.  You couldn’t congratulate Eric Meyer for saving some woman’s life, or the new captains on their election.  You couldn’t comment on the upcoming STA camp, or Kyle Martino’s match on ESPN2.  It was like watching a great game, but being unable to cheer.

Now you can cheer (or jeer) all you want.  Each news item will have a comment option.  We hope for a great Wrecker dialogue on these news pages.  Say whatever you wish (though red cards will be awarded for foul or abusive language).

We’ll roll out some other changes soon too.  For example, we’re adding comment capability to our game results in the fall, so conversations on The Hill can continue in cyberspace.  We’ve already got RSS feed capability (see below); we plan to add more subscription options in the future.  If you’ve got suggestions for more interactivity, we’d love to hear them.

As we head into our second 50 years of Staples soccer, we hope our program — and our website — is as young and fresh as ever.  Go Wreckers!

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