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Published on February 18th, 2010 | by Staples Soccer


Greg Gudis Breaks Record In Argentina

This just in from Cordoba, Argentina — exclusive to

Greg Gudis has broken a record at La Catarina Ranch, during the Gudis family’s annual trip to South America.  Each year Greg and his brothers join their father and grandfather on a dove hunting expedition.

Greg Gudis shows his form on a previous trip to Argentina.

This week the high-scoring Wrecker junior — showing the same keen finishing abilities, strong stamina and focus that he exhibits on the soccer field — shattered the record of 3050 doves set last year by his father Mark, a founding member of the Top of the Hill Team.

With reactions and instincts like a python, Greg hit 4076 doves in a single day, easily eclipsing last year’s standard that stood for only a year.  Greg’s father also had a record day, surpassing last year’s mark with 3300.

Future Wrecker Graham Gudis, on his 3rd trip, achieved his 1st 1000-bird day — a record for a 12-year-old.  Elliot Gudis, attending Cushing Academy, was unable to join this year’s trip.

That evening, Greg celebrated his record by playing in a “friendly” exhibition with the local Cordorba soccer team.

Greg was unavailable for comment today, having skipped the morning shoot to sleep in.

Nick Miles, owner of the Miles & Miles ranch, explained:

Dove hunting is a sport which requires skill, strength and excellent eye-hand coordination.

The Argentinian soy crop is being destroyed by a rapidly expanding and exponential growth in doves and pigeons.  The ranchers and farmers welcome the hunters.  Without further efforts to control the population, Argentina’s number 1 export will be destroyed, sending the economy into further demise.

Dove tastes like chicken or steak, a key consumable in the USA, and has similar nutritional values.  All downed birds are donated to local hospitals and orphanages to feed those in need.  Tthe by-products are used to feed the hog population.

In Cordoba, hunters from all over the world travel to shoot doves.  They spend significant money, which creates jobs and is the 2nd largest source of income in the region, after the soy crop.

We are fortunate to have families like the Gudises, who show the deepest respect for our people and country.  And Greg is 1 of the most gifted hunters and compassionate humans we have seen, especially under 18 years old!

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