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Published on April 20th, 2022 | by Staples Soccer


[UPDATE] Jackson Cregan Leads Dune Restoration Project

Jackson Cregan is the popular manager of the reserves team. He’s also very environmentally conscious.

In Connecticut, he says, 9% of the shoreline is considered critically eroding. At Sherwood Island State Park — where he volunteers often — 1 to 2 feet is lost each year to Long Island Sound.

Twenty years ago, officials bulldozed all the Sherwood Island dunes. That exacerbated the shoreline erosion. The beach is weak. Creating new dunes and reinforcing existing ones is an important first step toward making the beach stronger, Jackson says.

So he organized a “Staples Soccer Dune Restoration” project.

It was spring break, but juniors Matt Shackelford and Alex Laskin lent a helping hand.

Jackson has been working hard at Sherwood Island. He was there the other day too, repairing storm damage. Working alongside him was Chris Swan, captain of the 1966 Wrecker team. More than 50 years separates their Staples soccer experience, but they’ve both got the same goal.

Matt Shackelford, Jackson Cregan and Alex Laskin, at Sherwood Island State Park.



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