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James Lewis, Graham Gudis, Gabe Pensak: Big Octathlon Winners

The 2nd event in the 2014 Jack Scott Octathlon of Champions — dodgeball — produced plenty of action. And many point-winners.

Organizer Patrick Beusse created 3 series of 2-out-of-3 matches, in the Staples gym. The 1st pitted 2 random 10-man teams against each other. The 2nd was varsity vs. junior varsity (the varsity won). The 3rd was juniors against sophomores (10th graders were victors).

When the final ball was hurled, James Lewis and Graham Gudis led the way with 28 points. Gabe Pensak was next, with 26.

Kenji Goto vaults into the Octathlon lead, with 47 points. He is trailed by Gudis and Noah Schwaeber (29), Lewis (28) and Pensak (26).

Special points were awarded for the player with the final kill in each game (Gudis, Lewis, Pensak, Nate Argosh, Michael Reid, Daniel Perez-Elorza, John Fincher and Max Hammer); best snipe (Pensak); most clutch play (Reid); biggest hit received (Lewis); most willing to sacrifice himself (Andres Marmelo); best uniform (Daniel Brill) and best Cinderella story (sophomore team).

The next Octathlon is 3-v-3 basketball on Sunday, March 30 (12:30 p.m., Staples). Organizer is Nate Argosh.

The point totals after 2 rounds: Kenji Goto (47); Graham Gudis, Noah Schwaeber (29); James Lewis (28); Gabe Pensak (26); John Fincher (25); Max Hammer, Daniel Perez-Elorza (24); Andres Marmelo (17); Nate Argosh, Michael Reid (16); Brenden Price (13); Carl Amacker, Jack Zeldes (12); Patrick Beusse (11); Daniel Brill (10); Rees Chang (8); Ethan Kobak (6); Matt Bateman, Andrew Puchala, Grant Sirlin (1).


Staples soccer players, after a grueling dodgeball competition.

Nate Argosh had a fierce arm.

Octathlon dodgeball organizer Patrick Beusse (right) goes over the rules.

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