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Staples Soccer’s Smart: Quiz Night A Smashing Success

How many human beings were on Noah’s ark? Australia is both the biggest and smallest what? Where are the Islets of Langerhans located?

Over 40 teams of Staples soccer players, parents and grandparents, siblings, friends and random hangers-on answered those questions — and 45 more — last night, at Staples boys soccer’s annual Quiz Night. As usual, it was a huge success — both in terms of fun, and funds raised.

(The answers are 8; island and continent, and the pancreas, respectively.)

There was enormous energy in the room, as contestants battled to answer questions like brass is an alloy of what 2 metals (copper and zinc); what kind of person can never be honored on a US postage stamp (living person); how long is a bowling alley (60 feet), who is the oldest Kardashian sister (Kourtney), and what was the tallest mountain before Mt. Everest was discovered (Mt. Everest).

There was also plenty of food, tons of raffle prizes, and dozens of silent auction items. Funds raised go to the Staples boys soccer program, including upgrading Loeffler Field, the banquet, scholarships and more.

The event was made possible thanks to the hard work and contributions of many Staples parents. Ilsa McColl and Peter Levine headed the project, assisted by Jennie Lupinacci, Lindsey Blaivas, Maija Krats-Mountoulieu, Vanessa Valadares,Brett Adams, Nicky Wisher, Kerry Liles, Padma Balaji, Adrian Mueller and many others.

Head coach Dan Woog said, “This is one of the great nights on our calendar. It’s a fantastic way for the Staples soccer community to come together, have a great time, and do what we do best: compete together. And it proves that Staples soccer players — and everyone else associated with our program — is very, very smart.”


One table of varsity and reserve players, plus friends …


… plus freshmen …


… and adults.


Quiz Night chairs Ilsa McColl and Peter Levine, with some of the prize baskets. (Photo/Dan Woog)


Quiz Night brings together generaitons. Ryan Thomas attended with his grandfather, Kent Sr. Ryan’s parents, Kent and Jill, were also there. (All photos/Christina Bassler unless noted)

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