Published on October 24th, 2021 | by Staples Soccer


Wreckers Celebrate Senior Sunday

Staples soccer is built upon tradition. Some date back to the program’s founding in 1958. Some are newer.

One of the most recent is Senior Sunday. Initiated last year — when COVID’s reduction on crowd capacity knocked out the traditional pre- and post-game festivities — it’s become a great, relaxed way to honor our seniors.

The autumn weather was spectacular — bright and crisp — for this year’s event. Head coach Dan Woog provided brief remarks on all 18 seniors. Assistant coach Russell Oost-Lievense added his praise for the tight, talented and fun group.

Senior Sunday organizer Joanna Douglas and her crew provided gifts for every senior — a Staples soccer blanket, and framed action and team photos — along with donuts. It was a warm, well-deserved tribute, attended by the entire varsity team, parents, and grandparents.

Then the seniors, juniors and sophomores headed down The Hill. There was training to do, and matches to prepare for. The season — for every grade — is a long way from over.

The seniors. Front row (from left); Murilo Moreno, Will Adams, Matt Jordan, Sam Vannart, Jacob Greenberger, Aidan Mermagen, Thomas Corridon, Jack Foster, Marius Ekeberg. Rear: head coach Dan Woog, Reese Watkins, Bruno Guiduli, Jackson Hochhauser, Ryan Thomas, Jaden Mueller, Caleb Tobias, Matthew Genser, Tim Liakh, assistant coach Russell Oost-LIevense. (Photo/Drew Douglas)


Superfan Laura Blair provided the entire team with cupcakes. They were individually decorated, with each senior’s name. Thank you, Laura! (Photo/Drew Douglas)


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