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Published on October 8th, 2017 | by Staples Soccer


Wreckers Dedicate “Etched In Stone” Project

Alumni came from as far as California Saturday, for the dedication of Staples soccer’s “Etched in Stone” project.

Conceived by the Class of 1997, after the death of Brad Tursi’s brother Drew — a loyal Wreckers’ fan — it’s a permanent memorial to members of the program who died young. Their names are inscribed in the terrace, at the top of The Hill.

Kyle Martino ’99 — whose brother Wes was a teammate of Brad’s — helped organize the project. He and head coach Dan Woog spoke. Both emphasized the importance of the Staples soccer community; the “family” bonds that have been formed across generations, and the feeling of legacy that joins current players with past (and future) Wreckers.

After the brief ceremony, the large crowd enjoyed a crackling match. Stamford eked out a 1-0 win, in a nail-biting finish.

Then the alums took to Loeffler Field, for a classic pick-up match.

Some things never change.

The names of Wreckers who died young are now etched in stone.


Head coach Dan Woog and Kyle Martino ’99 (with ball) lead the ceremony. Behind them are Neil and Jean Coleman P’84, ’88, Brad Tursi ’99, Rob Sweetnam ’83, Johnny Guadagno ’97 John Guadagno P’97, ’99, Andres Marmelo ’16 and Mark Noonan ’82. (Photo/Lynn U. Miller)


The “Etched in Stone” ceremony. (Photo/Sam New)


Andy Udell ’88, Todd Zucker ’82, Dan Donovan ’82, Mark Noonan ’83, Guy Claveloux ’83, Todd Coleman ’84, Warren Bird ’84, Rob Sweetnam ’83 and Doug Fincher ’82, P’18. (Photo/Yvonne Claveloux)


Bandy Mahr ’83, P’18, Seth Sholes ’79, Doug Fincher ’82 P’18, Mark Noonan ’83, Bruce Kinnaman ’82, Todd Zucker ’82, Dan Donovan ’82, Warren Bird ’84, Guy Claveloux ’83. (Photo/Yvonne Claveloux)


Fred Cantor ’71, Steve McCoy ’71, Neil Brickley ’71. (Photo/Robert Brickley)


Matt Evans ’90, Andy Udell ’88, Brad Bierman ’90.




(Photo/Sam New)

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