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Published on November 6th, 2010 | by Staples Soccer


Wreckers Give 1st Graders A Treat

After a tough FCIAC championship run, and 2 days before the start of the state tournament, the Staples boys soccer team could be forgiven for spending today far from a field.

But early this morning, 6 Wreckers showed up at Coleytown Middle School, for the Westport Soccer Association 1st grade league.

Greg Gudis organized the event.  The high-scoring midfielder enlisted fellow seniors Frankie Bergonzi, Sean Gallagher, Court Lake and Mikey Scott, plus sophomore Lorenz Esposito.

Together, they watched all 8 games.  They talked to the players (and parents).  They handed out souvenir mini-balls.  They signed autographs and jerseys.  They even sprinted in pre-game warmups with their young fans.

“It was awesome to have the boys there,” one mother said.  “They were celebrities.  Parents and kids lined up to meet them, have pictures taken with them, or just to meet and greet.  They were wonderful.

“I don’t know if they realize what a huge impact they had on this young, impressionable group of boys.  My son is in complete awe of all of them.”

A father added:  “These small things go a long way for the little guys, their parents, and Westport soccer.”

The Wreckers returned the compliment.

“We had as much fun as they did,” Gudis said.  “I love the kids.  It was a pleasure.”

Top row (from left): Andy Udell '88, Sean Gallagher, Frankie Bergonzi, Court Lake, Greg Gudis, Lorenz Esposito, Mikey Scott and Dan Donovan '82. Udell and Donovan both starred at Lehigh — the league Gallagher (Navy) and Bergonzi (Colgate) will play in next year. Udell and Donovan coach in the WSA 1st grade league — and their teams met this morning. Ten years from now, this photo will be shown at a Staples soccer banquet.

Greg Gudis (left) and Max Udell. The two are huge fans of each other.

Patrick Donovan surrounded by (from left) Frankie Bergonzi, Sean Gallagher, Greg Gudis, Court Lake, Lorenz Esposito and Mikey Scott. Patrick hopes to star as a member of the Staples Class of 2022.

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