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Published on September 1st, 2010 | by Staples Soccer


Wreckers Open With Wilton Scrimmage

Staples does not play Wilton this year during the regular season, so the 2 squads scrimmaged this afternoon on blistering Lilly Field.

The Wreckers opened the 1st 30-minute period with all seniors.  Greg Gudis once again scored his traditional 1st goal of the year, a solid finish.

The 2nd period — primarily seniors, and a few juniors — ended 0-0.

Court Lake

The 3rd period — with juniors, sophomores and a couple of seniors — saw Brendan Lesch head in a long Gudis free kick, and Court Lake nail a rope from 25 yards out.

Staples is in action again Friday, 4 p.m. against Wethersfield.  The game is set for Loeffler Field, though it may be moved to Wakeman in case of rain.

QUICK KICKS: The junior varsity also scrimmaged Wilton.  Terence Gibbons got the opening goal; Noah Bender hit 2; Jay Kaplan converted a penalty kick, and Kyle Hoberman finished the scoring.

“We built from the back,” said coach Danny Dias.  “Joe Greenwald had a lot of heart, and beat the defense with speed.  Stephan Patterson used his body well.”

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