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Published on April 13th, 2012 | by Staples Soccer


Wreckers Score High In Fitness Tests

The results of this year’s physical education class fitness tests have been posted, and Staples soccer players are at the top of the pack. Juniors, sophomores and freshmen were tested; seniors do not take PE.

In the mile run, 4 soccer players placed in the overall top 10. Sophomore Yousef Shahin was 3rd (5:29), followed by fellow 10th grader Jack Scott (5th, 5:34) and freshmen Ollie Hickson (6th, 5:35) and Denzel Robinson (10th, 5:40).

Hickson and Robinson were #1 and 2 in their freshman class, followed by Phil Foisie (3rd, 5:41) and Nate Argosh (4th, 5:55).

In the pacer (beep) test, Shahin led all 3 classes. Jack Scott was 4th overall, followed by junior Walker Marsh (6th) and sophomore Connor Weiler (7th).

Following Hickson in the 9th grade list were Willy Zuckerman (6th), Denzel (8th) and Luke Fonteyne (9th).

Scott topped the 10th grade chart, followed by Andreas Bru (4th), and — tied for 10th place — Andreas Refvik, Diego Alanis and Robby Giannone.

Alanis placed 2nd on the sophomore pushup list (50), trailed by Andreas Refvik (4th, 45) and Scott (8th, 40).

Hickson’s 50 pushups put him 3rd on the freshman list. Jordan McNair cranked out 41 (8th place), while Zuckerman was 9th (40).

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