The Top of the Hill Team


The Top of the Hill Team, established in 2007, is an all volunteer organization comprised of parents and alumni dedicated to providing the Staples Boys Soccer program with the supplemental resources needed to remain one of the leading programs in the State of Connecticut. Paramount to this mission is using these resources to ensure the coaching staff has the tools it needs to consistently compete for FCIAC and CIAC honors, educate the young men on the team during their formative high school years, and give back to those affiliated with the program facing challenging life circumstances.



Please join us in supporting Staples Soccer by making a gift to TOTH. All gifts are tax deductible and 100% of the donations go directly to the program.Use either of the following methods to make a gift:

Donor Levels

What Does TOTH Fund?

  • approximately 1/3 of donations were directed towards scholarships
  • more than 20% of disbursements were used for coaching stipends and education
  • more than $10k has gone to subsidize permanent improvements at Loeffler Field, including a meaningful contribution to the recent “Etched-in-Stone” project

A Big Thanks To Our Donors

 Gudis family
DeDomenico family
Douglas family
Fincher family
Feuer family
Frost family
Kogan family
Liles family
Lynch family
Martenson family
Kyle Martino
Messenger family
Smith family
Jim and Lizzie Wolf
Barnes family
Birch family
Bond family
Bonner family
Epstein family
Fiore family
Lindwall family
Marshall family
Nordberg family
Jem Sollinger
Valadares family
Wisher family
Leslie Wolf
Dan Woog
Buckman family
Brendan Cass
D’Amico family
Robert Guadagno
Kuehndorf family
Steve Levin & Rondi Pillette
Penderakis family
Plummer family
Rotolo family
 David Harrison
Chris Myers

Questions and Contacts:

TOTH is managed by an all volunteer Board of Directors. For a copy of our organizational bylaws please click on the following link: Bylaws

Should you have any additional questions and wish to contact us directly you can reach us on the following email:

Thank you for your support of Staples soccer. We look forward to seeing you on The Hill.

Jim Wolf ‘01
Jem Sollinger ‘88
Wes Malowitz P’12
Dave Sharpe ‘07
Michael Baltierra P’19
Matt Sych ‘07

To Request a Donation:

Should you have a funding request you feel supports the mission of TOTH as outlined above please click on the following link for the TOTH Donation Request Form. Top of the Hill Team Donation Request Form