Watermelon Cup



BE READY TO START AT 6:15 PM SHARP! — EVERYONE MUST BRING A BALL and wear the correct color t-shirt! 


August 4: A very energetic and tight Israel team — seeded 1st — won the 2021 Watermelon Cup title, 5-3 over Norway. Two goals by Max Udell, and solo strikes by Caleb Tobias, Alan Fiore and Chester Glenn — along with stellar goalkeeping by Clemson University commit Paddy Donovan — sparked captain Jackson Hochhauser’s side to victory. The goal of the day, though, came from Norway’s Patricio Perez Elorza, off a feed from Kurt Dasbach.

Congratulations to the victors: Jackson Hochhauser (captain), Surya Balaji, Paddy Donovan, Haran Eiger, Alan Fiore, Chester Glenn, Alex Laskin, Spencer Levine, Patrick Ostbye, Caleb Tobias, Adam Udell, Max Udell and Omeed.

July 28: For the first time in Watermelon Cup history, all 6 teams entered the final 2 matches of the regular season with a chance to qualify for next week’s playoffs. The last game pitted the 2 remaining hopefuls. Iceland and Italy drew, giving Iceland — with a record 3 ties this year — the 4th and final spot. The last game also saw the top 2 teams battle it out for the first seed; Norway won that contest over Brazil.

The semifinal match-ups next Wednesday: #1 Norway vs. #4 Iceland; #2 Brazil vs. #3 Israel. The finals follow immediately after.

Results: France 4, Norway 1; Iceland 4, Israel 1; Brazil 4, Italy 3
Norway 6, Brazil 1; Israel 6, Italy 0; France 1, Iceland 1

July 21: With Italy winning again, and Iceland tying twice, there’s an interesting scenario entering the final week of regular season play. Norway, Brazil and Israel have clinched 3 of the 4 playoff spots — but Iceland, France and Italy all have a shot at the 4th and final slot.
Results: Brazil 4, Israel 3; Iceland 6, Norway 6; Italy 5, France 3
Israel 6, France 2; Norway 2, Italy 1; Brazil 5, Iceland 5

July 14: There was an all-time record turnout of players. Italy picked up its first point. Norway won twice. Current and former Staples coaches Kurt Dasbach, Chris O’Dell, Russell Oost-Lievense, Emerson Anvari and Patricio Perez Elorza all scored.
Results: Israel 4, Italy 3; Iceland 4, France 1; Norway 2, Brazil 1.
Brazil 5, France 3; Norway 6, Israel 4; Italy 5, Iceland 4.

July 7: Norway and Brazil were double winners. Italy is still searching for that elusive first victory.
Results: Norway 7, Italy 4; France 3, Israel 2; Brazil 5, Iceland 4.
Israel 8, Iceland 4; Norwalk 4, France 3; Brazil 7, Italy 6.

June 30: Opening night saw only one double winner (Israel) and one winless team (Italy). It was a good first night, and the new venue — Wakeman — works well.
Results: Brazil 6, France 4; Iceland 9, Italy 1; Israel 5, Norway 1.
Norway 5, Iceland 4; France 5, Italy 4; Israel 5, Brazil 2.


Norway  7  2  1  22
Brazil  6  3  1  19
Israel  6  4  0  18
Iceland  3  4  3  12
France  3  6  1  10
Italy  2  8  0  6


BRAZIL (White)
Murilo Moreno (captain)
Kyle Ambrose
James Corridon
Ethan Cukier
Grey Epstein
Benny Feuer
Brewster Galley
Luca Lombardo
Jaden Mueller
Will Murray
Chris O’Dell
George Smith
Enzo Valadares
Luca Valadares

Reese Watkins (captain)
Santi Alfageme
Ethan Ambrose
Carter Bassler
Nate Fridland
Tristan Gonzalez
Mauricio Inglada
Sam Liles
Sebi Montoulieu
Zach Pulichino
Sam Rossoni
Kyle Stretton
Ben Tanen

Jack Foster (captain)
Reed Caney
Scott Coleman
Brendan Corneck
Brad Cox
Shane Dasbach
Ryan Fincher
Matthew Genser
Marcos Inglada
Tim Liakh
Charlie Scott
Adam Syah
Lau ten Cate

ISRAEL (Black)
Jackson Hochhauser (captain)
Paddy Donovan
Haran Eiger
Alan Fiore
Chester Glenn
Alex Laskin
Spencer Levine
Patrick Ostbye
Matt Shackelford
Haydn Siroka
Caleb Tobias
Adam Udell
Max Udell

ITALY (Green)
Bruno Guiduli (captain)
Emerson Anvari
Lucas Carpi
Jackson Cregan
Steve Divino
Nicky Fabian
Gavin Gravelle
Aaron Jaffe
Matthew Jordan
Jack McColl
Avery Mueller
Griff O’Neill
Austin Sholes
Callum Wisher

Ryan Thomas (captain)
Graham Barnes
Matteus Bassler
Kurt Dasbach
Rob Diorio
Nick DiMasi
Ben Douglas
Aidan Mermagen
Patricio Perez Elorza
David Sedrak
Nick Sikorski
Hunter Smith
Chase Watkins




Wed., June 30: Brazil-France; Iceland-Italy; Norway-Israel
Iceland-Norway; Italy-France; Brazil-Israel

Wed., July 7: Italy-Norway; France-Israel; Brazil-Iceland
Israel-Iceland; Norway-France; Italy-Brazil

Wed., July 14: Israel-Italy; France-Iceland; Norway-Brazil
Iceland-Italy; Brazil-France; Norway-Israel

Wed., July 21:  Brazil-Israel; Iceland-Norway; Italy-France
Djibouti-Israel; Italy-Norway; Brazil-Iceland

Wed., July 28:  Norway-France; Israel-England; Brazil-Italy
Norway-Brazil; Israel-Italy; France-England

Wed., August 4:  Semifinals and finals


RULES — All games at WAKEMAN — Be there ready to start at 6:15 pm sharp! — Everyone must bring a ball!

1)  20-minute halves, running time.  Approximately 5-10 minute halftime. Shin guards are mandatory.

2)  6-v-6 plus 1 keeper; if both teams agree, they can play 7-v-7 plus 1 keeper. Keepers may use their hands WITHIN REASONABLE AREAS.  Subs may enter on any out-of-bounds or dead ball; no subbing on the fly.

3)  No referees; call your own fouls. No penalty kicks. Watermelon Cup administrators* will be in attendance at all games, and may eject or ban players for egregious or repeated fouls.

4)  No offsides, though goal-hanging is severely discouraged. This is the Watermelon Cup; if you can’t play defense as well as offense, find another sport.

5)  3 points for a win; 1 for a tie.

6)  *Watermelon Cup administrators: Dan Woog, Kurt Dasbach. Yes, Dasbach plays. He’s a very fair guy. This isn’t the Supreme Court. Get over it.