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Published on June 22nd, 2014 | by Staples Soccer


1st Workout Of The Week Is Here

Last year, Staples soccer introduced the “Workout of the Week.”

Designed by assistant coach Kurt Dasbach, it was a summer-long series of grueling — but important — workouts that challenged all aspiring players. Coaches and players agreed that one of the reasons for the 2013 squad’s high fitness level was the summer program.

All players trying out this fall should take the challenge. You can do it in small groups; the captains will also set a day and time for those wishing to do it with larger numbers (text Andrew Puchala at 203-858-5300 for details). If you’re not in Westport, do a similar workout on your own.

Email your running times to Top 3 times overall, and top time by grade, will be posted.

Compo Beach Workout

Hard run from the Hillspoint jetty to the cannons
under 4 minutes = ok
under 3:30 = expected
under 3:00 = respected
under 2:45 = “Sean Gallagher”  status

Rest 2 minutes

Follow with: 30 body weight squats
20 push-ups
10 jumps up onto the wall next to the cannons

Then: hard run from the cannons to the jetty by Hillspoint

Same time expectations as above

Rest 2 minutes

30 body weight squats
20 push-ups
10 jumps up onto the jetty

Rest 2 minutes

REPEAT cycle 2 more times to make it 6 Compo Beach runs  and 6 sets of 30 squats, 20 push-ups and 10 wall jumps.

Sean Gallagher ’11 was one of Staples’ toughest players ever. Are you up to Sean Gallagher status in the Workout of the Week?

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