Published on August 15th, 2020 | by Staples Soccer


Captain Morgan Salutes Captains

Alumni and current players alike loved the recent “Captain Morgan” video. Conceived by Fred Cantor ’71, and executed by rising senior Alan Fiore, it showed most of Staples’ 1970 state and FCIAC champion squad — 10 of whom went on to become college captains — saluting the 2020 team, in a takeoff of the Captain Morgan “captain” ads.

Captain Morgan — the company — loved it too.

The other day, they delivered a bottle of spiced rum — customized, with every player’s name (and the title “Captain”) — along with a congratulatory note.

“In the midst of such uncertain times, you and your teammates finding a way to come together with high spirits is incredibly heartwarming and inspiring,” it read. “We raise a glass to you and your team” on the 50th anniversary of the twin titles.

The ’70 team looked forward to a reunion this year — and watching the ’20 squad in person. COVID-19 has prevented that. There won’t even be a state tournament for this year’s Wreckers to contend for. But the current team looks forward to celebrating at some point with their predecessors from 50 years ago — with or without Captain Morgan.

Neil Brickley (University of Connecticut) was one of the 10 college captains from the 1970 team.


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