Published on August 1st, 2020 | by Staples Soccer


Charlie Stoebe ’04 Invents Board Game

Charlie Stoebe captained Staples’ 2003 soccer team. He was also a track star. He graduated from Dartmouth College, and now works with NBC Sports.

Charlie is multi-talented. In his spare COVID-related time, he created a new party game.

“What Was the Question?” tests how well you know your friends and family. But unlike most getting-to-know-you games, it starts not with a question, but an answer. Players must figure out the question. After each reveal there are fun discussions on the answer the player gave, and the predictions everyone else made.

“What Was the Question?” is now in Kickstarter mode. To help get it to market — and help out a really great Staples soccer grad — click here.

2003 captain Charlie Stoebe stands with his successors 10 years later: 2013 co-captains Jack Scott (left) and Diego Alanis.


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