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Published on November 5th, 2018 | by Staples Soccer


Frosh Rock As Special Olympics Refs

Eight freshmen spent yesterday afternoon serving their sport, their school and the entire state.

They volunteered as referees for a Connecticut Special Olympics unified soccer tournament, in the fieldhouse. Every year Staples hosts the event, which draws teenagers with disabilities from dozens of schools. Competition is keen, but smiles are evident everywhere.

It was hard to tell who had more fun: the players, their helpers or the freshman officials.

“This is one way our players can give back to their sport and their school,” said head coach Dan Woog. “This year’s freshmen were all in. They totally get what it means to be a Staples soccer player. It’s great to see.”

THANKS to Jack Foster, Bruno Guiduli, Chase Hynes, Josh McCall, Aidan Mermagen, Jaden Mueller, Ishan Prasad and Ryan Thomas for donating their time and energy to this great cause.

From left: Josh McColl, Jack Foster, Jaden Mueller, Chase Hynes, Ryan Thomas, Bruno Guiduli, Ishan Prasad and Aidan Mermagen.

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