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Published on March 7th, 2016 | by Staples Soccer


Josh Berman Takes Early Lead In 2016 Octathlon

The 2016 Jack Scott Octathlon of Champions began today with volleyball. Ziggy Hallgarten’s event drew 15 players. Josh Berman was the big individual winner, with 40 points. He was on the championship team, and also won best spike, best outfit — plus MVP. Joining Berman on the champs were Spencer Daniels, Sam Kantor and Tyler Wright.

Matteo Broccolo had the best save and most creative hit, while Hallgarten had 5+ winnes in one game, and Daniels the best set.

Standings after one Octo: Josh Berman (40); Spencer Daniels (21); Matteo Broccolo (18); Sam Kantor, Tyler Wright (17); Ziggy Hallgarten (16); Daniel Reid, Stephen Rowland (12); Chris Andrews, Will Birch, Luca Cocito, Shane Dasbach, Steven Frost, Griff O’Neill, Timmy Liles (3).

Upcoming Octo events: laser tag, ping pong and ultimate Frisbee.

Spencer Daniels and Ziggy Hallgarten face off at the net. Tyler Wright and Sam Kantor look on in awe.

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