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Keeper Nation Profile: Sanders McNair ’09

Sanders McNair ’09 was the 1st of 4 brothers to play Staples soccer. He’s also the 5th profile in our continuing Staples Goalkeeper Nation series. Each interview links goaltenders of the past with those of today and tomorrow. For more information on Staples Goalkeeper Nation, click here.

FAVORITE SOCCER MEMORY: I don’t have 1 specific soccer memory. But from the pasta dinners to the Lake Placid trip, I enjoyed all the moments related to simply being part of a team with players and coaches I enjoyed hanging out with. My great memories 6 years later aren’t about winning and losing games, or making saves. Rather, they’re about making friends and having fun.

COLLEGE EXPERIENCE:  I graduated from Wake Forest University.

POST-COLLEGE LIFE:  I’m only 2 years out of college, so this will likely change down the road. I’m living in New York City, and working as an analyst for a political and corporate research/consulting firm called Benenson Strategy Group.

HOW YOU BECAME A GOALKEEPER:  Probably because I happened to have the best hands on my 3rd grade team and could punt the ball more than 10 yards. But as I grew older I remained in the position because I thought it played to my strengths as a player. I created advantages by thinking ahead and knowing how position myself well.

ADVICE FOR STAPLES KEEPERS:  On the field, being a great keeper is as much about the mental aspects as the physical ones, so try to be the smartest keeper. That means always thinking about position on the field, where the ball will end up, your angle, etc. For me, as a less athletic keeper, that probably helped a ton.

More importantly, and it’s probably cliche, but just have fun in your time playing soccer at Staples. Down the road no one remembers ever goal they saved or gave up, and many of us won’t go on to play for a serious, competitive team past high school. So get to know and learn about your teammates and coaches, and just try to have a great time out there — even if you’re on the bench.

Sanders McNair




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