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Published on March 30th, 2014 | by Staples Soccer


Kobak, Lewis, Pravder Capture 3-v-3 Hoops Octathlon

It was not exactly the Elite Eight.

But in Staples soccer’s version of March Madness — the Jack Scott Octathlon of Champions, held today in the Wrecker gym — Ethan Kobak, James Lewis and Joe Pravder won 3-v-3 basketball. They outlasted the trio of Patrick Beusse, Daniel Brill and John Fincher.

Kenji Goto still leads the Octathlon, with 47 points after 3 events. But Lewis vaults into 2nd place (39), and Fincher is now 3rd (33). Noah Schwaeber (30) edged past Graham Gudis (29) into 4th.

In addition to the winners (10 points each) and runnersup (7) in the 6-team tournament, 5 points each were awarded in the following categories: Best Shooter (Denzel Robinson), Best Playmaker (Jack Zeldes), Best Block (Andrew Puchala), Best Shot (Michael Reid’s fall-away jumper), and Best Dressed (Nate Argosh, with a shooting sleeve). Most Epic Team Comeback was won by Carl Amacker, Rees Chang and Denzel Robinson.

Argosh organized today’s event. The April Octathlon is paintball, run by James Lewis.



Hey, at least they’re better than the Knicks.

Ethan Kobak shows Andrew Puchala what he’s got.

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