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Published on August 17th, 2013 | by Staples Soccer


Parent Volunteers Spruce Up Terrace

While 50 Staples soccer hopefuls were working hard today at the STA pre-season camp, a group of parents (and 1 sibling) worked hard at the Loeffler Field terrace.

Rick Leonard headed up a crew that stained the seats on top of the granite. Amy Leonard, Jim and Julia Hood, and Anild Bru joined the group. They’ll finish the job tomorrow — so the seating looks as sharp as it did when it was installed, 7 years ago.

Amy Leonard, Jim Hood, Rick Leonard, Anild Bru and Julia Hood pause in the middle of their work. Check out the difference between the stained seats, and the unstained ones.

A few hours later, Deirdre Price led Daniel and Dawn Boyce, and their daughter Emily, in ridding the terrace of weeds.

There will be plenty of action on the field this fall — and it’s looking lush, thanks to Westport’s Parks and Rec Department.

Now, thanks to our parent volunteers, Staples’ many fans can watch the action with pride on The Hill.

Emily Boyce, Deirdre Price and Dawn Boyce, hard at work.

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