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Published on April 27th, 2018 | by Staples Soccer


Player-Led Effort Brings Soccer To Kids

For nearly 60 years, a core value of the Staples soccer program has been giving back to the game.

On their own — and for 2 years now — a group of players has done just that.

Carter Bassler helps lead the effort, through the Brighter Lives for Kids Foundation.

Carter’s parents, Peter and Christina, were looking for a way last year to help children in need. They met Jimeale Hede, president of the Brighter Lights organization. She needed a director, and player/instructors, for an after-school soccer program at the  Cesar Batalla School.

Twice a week last year, all spring long, Carter, his then-freshman Staples teammates, and freshman coach Russell Oost-Lievense worked with 50 youngsters, grades kindergarten through 8. They ran drills, played games, and passed along their love for soccer (and many important life lessons).

They started again last week. Now, over 80 kids are involved.

Peter and Christina Bassler coordinate logistics. Jimeale and her foundation provide funding, and nurture the relationship between Cesar Batalla and the Staples volunteers.

But the effort does not stop there.

Earlier this year, Carter realized the kids needed more equipment. He and his teammates gathered lightly used shoes and jerseys. Last weekend they organized it all, to make the 1st session went more smoothly.

Emerson Anvari, Colin Corneck, Vig Kareddy, Sam Liles, Brendan Lynch, Vaughan Sealey and Callum Wisher are all involved. So is Staples girls soccer player Ava Simunovic. Teddy O’Kane participated last year.

Congratulations — and thanks for paying it forward.

Brighter Light for Kids volunteers include (from left): Vaughan Sealey, Carter Bassler, Brendan Lynch, Callum Wisher, Ana Simunovic and Sam Liles.


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