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Published on October 15th, 2011 | by Staples Soccer


Quiz Night 2011 A Huge Success

Staples boys soccer’s 7th annual Quiz Night may have been the best yet.

There was plenty of heated competition — did you know that Walt Disney has won more Academy Awards than anyone else?  that the 1st US service academy to admit women was the Coast Guard?  that there are 8 bits in a byte? — along with great raffle prizes, food, and fun.

The winning team included Arlene and Bob Petersen, Judy and Walter Hlawitschka, and Quiz Night perennial Carol Burton.

The event will help pay for many program-related costs, including the banquet and the boys soccer team’s annual contribution to the construction of the Wakeman B turf field.

In addition, the Staples boys soccer team is making a donation in the name of Chris Puente, the Norwalk High School soccer captain who undergoes open heart surgery this week.

The varsity captains’ parents — Wes Malowitz, Lauren Soloff, Ned Hickok and Tina Hickok — helped lead the event, with spectacular help from Pam Evans (raffle), Mary Jane Liu (scoring), and many, many, many others.  The Staples boys soccer team thanks all who donated or collected raffle prizes, helped with scoring, food, set-up and clean-up, and in any other way.

The senior varsity players and friends, along with goalkeeper coach Tom Henske. Max Hoberman (right): Are you getting answers via cellphone?! (Photo by Carl McNair)

Smarter than 5th graders — the winners! (From left) Bob and Arlene Petersen, Carl Burton, Judy and Walter Hlawitschka. (Photo by Carl McNair)

Benjie Malowitz and his crew of younger players did very well. (Photo by Carl McNair)

The last place finishers. Hey, they deserve a prize too. (Photo by Carl McNair)

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