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Published on October 18th, 2014 | by Staples Soccer


Quiz Night Smashes All Records

Do you know where the Sea of Tranquility is? Who was the 1st US president born in a hospital? What the acronym “SAT” stands for?*

Plenty of Staples soccer players, parents and friends knew last night, in the Staples cafeteria.

Quiz Night 2014 was a record-breaker on many fronts.

More tables were sold than ever before. There were more raffle prizes. Excitement was highest. The winning table had the most number of participants.

And the funds raised shattered the previous mark.

New this year: a silent auction, with donations from Mitchells, Integrated Sports Therapy, Bose speakers, wine merchants and much more.

The Staples boys soccer program thanks all who participated — with specially huge props to all the parents who made it possible. They pulled this fantastic event together in about 8 days — another record.

The Sea of Tranquility is on the moon. Jimmy Carter was the 1st president born in a hospital. “SAT” no longer stands for anything.

Juniors Daniel Perez Elorza, Max Hammer and Andres Marmelo were among the mammoth winning table at Quiz Night 2014. (Photo/Kim Lake)


Daniel Brill, Noah Schwaeber and Ziggy Hallgarten prepare for the intense questions of Quiz Night. (Photo/Kim Lake)


The Quiz Night scoring table, hard at work. (Photo/Kim Lake)


Picking up the last-place prize are (from left) freshmen Benji Malowitz, Stephen Frost, Will Birch and 2 friends. (Photo/Kim Lake)


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