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Published on May 29th, 2015 | by Staples Soccer


Rowland, Benjamin Snag Spikeball Octathlon

Stephen Rowland and Nicky Benjamin are known as excellent spikeball players. This afternoon, they teamed up to win the Octathlon spikeball event. Graham Gudis organized the event, at Loeffler Field.

They beat the Josh Berman-Teddy Lawrence team. Gudis and Grant Sirlin came in 3rd.

Rowland, Sirlin and Gudis got points for giving up their body the best,  while Noah Schwaeber and Kenji Goto earned points for trying hard but losing.

The leaders remain the same, though the race at the top has tightened. Jack Zeldes has 133 points; Gudis, 124.

June features 2 events: mini-golf (organized by Zeldes) and the Fairfield 5K (Schwaeber and Goto).

Complete standings, after 5 events: Jack Zeldes (133); Graham Gudis (124); Brenden Price (90); Kenji Goto (81); Josh Berman (80); Daniel Brill (65); Daniel Reid (57); Eric D’Addario (48); Grant Sirlin (47); Andres Marmelo (43); Aidan Wisher (42); Daniel Perez Elorza, Noah Schwaeber (37); Teddy Lawrence (35); Max Hammer (33); Kenny Brill (31); Stephen Rowland (29); Nick Benjamin, Matteo Broccolo, Luca Cocito, Sam Kantor (26); Ziggy Hallgarten (23); Spencer Daniels (14); Shane Dasbach (13); Rees Chang (12); Sebastian Wick (11); Griff O’Neill, Greg Preiser (8); Rory Steele (5); Jerrett Rende (3).

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