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Published on September 17th, 2023 | by Staples Soccer


Stamford Varsity Match Switched To Wakeman

For decades, Stamford High’s field was tough to play on.

The small pitch behind Boyle Stadium was rutted with dirt and rocks.

FCIAC foes — and of course the Black Knights — were thrilled when the city of Stamford replaced it with artificial turf.

However, in recent years it too has become difficult to play on. So much so, that coach Mike Summa has given up home matches, in order to keep players — his own and others — safe.

As a result, the September 21 game has been switched from Stamford to Wakeman Field.

Summa emailed Staples head coach Russell Oost-Lievense:

“I want to update you on the status of our field at Stamford High School. 

“As you know, the field conditions on the turf are horrible…no traction, players slipping non-stop, injuries just waiting to happen. It has gotten so bad that I had to pull my team off the field. We are no longer practicing or playing home games on it. 

“My parents have teamed up and are putting pressure downtown to find the funding to get a new field for us. There is a Board of Education meeting this coming Tuesday. Several of them have asked to speak on the topic and make them aware of how bad it truly is. 

“I want to share the petition they created with you, since your players play here every other year. Please share with your parents so that they can assist in this fight for a safe field, not just for our soccer players, but also lacrosse and any other sports that might step on the field.”

Click here to see the petition. Click here to see a video, with players slipping on the surface.

Aerial view of Stamford High School field.

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