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Published on March 20th, 2013 | by Staples Soccer


Staples Soccer Brochure Gets Great Graphic Touch

Current players and parents, and of course alumni, know what the Staples boys soccer program is all about.

Younger players and their parents may know some of what the Wreckers do to develop student-athletes and leaders — and give back to the community — all year long. Chances are, though, they don’t know the whole story.

Now they can learn.

Staples boys soccer has produced a pair of full-color brochures — one for middle school players and those moving to town, the other for their parents. Varsity player Patrick Beusse — who takes an advanced graphic design course at Staples — used his talents to make it look as exciting as the program it represents.

The players’ brochure highlights the Wreckers’ top-notch coaching staff; the excitement of enormous crowds, with games on radio and livestreamed on TV; summer leagues, winter futsal, off-season fitness program, leadership opportunities, and close relationships with premier clubs and the WSA.

Staples’ 12 state championships, 27 FCIAC titles, 8 All-Americans, and dozens of All-New England and All-State players all get shout-outs.

The front of the players' brochure.

The front of the players’ brochure.

The parents’ brochure goes into more depth, noting the coaching staff’s help identifying appropriate colleges for all players; the strong alumni network that assists not only with playing but networking for jobs; community service, and half-century tradition of “excellence, national renown, success on the field and in the classroom, strong values, and hard-working, family-like, fun environment.”

Both brochures list the dozens of Division I, II and III colleges where Staples graduates have played, and in many cases captained teams.

“Over the years, many people have asked about our program,” head coach Dan Woog said. “We’re very proud of it, and we love to talk about it. Now Patrick has helped us produce something that shows graphically everything we’re up to, during the season and way beyond.”

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