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Published on March 27th, 2020 | by Staples Soccer


Staples Soccer Players Stay Active In Pandemic

The coronavirus has shut all Connecticut schools for 2 weeks. The closure may last through the end of spring.

Staples soccer players have joined the rest of the school in distance learning. But when they’re not doing that — or playing Xbox, or whatever else they can find to connect virtually — they’re training on their own. They’re running, working on skills, and doing their best to stay in shape.

They’re also making videos. Check them out below!

Freshman Sam Willis spent time creating a virtual juggling reel. This one stars only his 9th grade teammates. He’s working on one for the entire Staples soccer program.

Below that, Jack Foster juggles some very precious toilet paper. And Surya Balaji — riding out the pandemic in Ohio — found a soccer field to train on. Sort of.

The varsity held a video conference last weekend. They’ll meet regularly. And they are planning team bonding activities like a virtual scavenger hunt to stay in touch from afar.

Meanwhile, wants to share your stories, photos, videos, whatever. Email Let the games begin!

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