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Published on June 1st, 2012 | by Staples Soccer


Wall Street Journal Profiles Another Side Of Tom Henske

Staples soccer fans know 3-time national champion Tom Henske as a goalkeeper coach with unparalleled knowledge, skill and passion.

Investors know Tom Henske as one of the keenest, most successful wealth advisors in the country.

Now every visitor to the Wall Street Journal website sees Tom’s other great talent: He can dress for success.

In an in-depth interview with Amanda Sanders, a very earnest image and wardrobe consultant, Tom says that the fit and color of the clothes you wear to a business meeting have a huge impact on first impressions.

The WSJ implores: “Get off on the right foot by watching our guide on how to dress for success in business.”

The Staples soccer program has long been proud of Tom’s athletic accomplishments, and for his unstinting devotion to developing physically strong, tactically intelligent and mentally tough keepers — who are also great human beings.

Today we’re just as proud of his threads.

(Click here to view Tom’s full video.)

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