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Published on July 22nd, 2013 | by Staples Soccer


Workout Of The Week #5: 2-Mile Test

If you played for a few programs in the FCIAC, their fitness test would be a 2-mile run in under 13 minutes.

This week, test yourself against their standard. If you are over 13:00, you may want to invest in some endurance work. If you’re under 13:00, good job. You could pass the test at a few of our rival programs.

2 mile test: Minuteman lap, plus another partial lap to the corner of Owenoke Park and Compo Beach Road.

Start at the WOW traditional intersection of Soundview and South Compo/Hillspoint Roads. Run down South Compo. Turn left at the Minuteman statue onto Compo Beach Rd. Follow Compo Beach Road around past the marina and the entrance to Compo Beach. Continue left down Soundview, so that you finish where you started (the intersection of Soundview and South Compo/Hillspoint Roas).

Continue running in the same direction to complete a partial lap. You’ll finish at Owenoke Park Road (on the right, just before the marina), to complete 2 miles.

Under 13 minutes: Your fitness is good. If you are well under 13:00, begin focusing on speed and power while maintaining your endurance.

If you are not under 13:00,  continue doing endurance work like this to get ready for the fall.

After your 2-mile run, recovery walk toward the Minuteman statue, reversing the path you have been running. When recovered, jog over to the hill at Longview Road (your first left on Compo Road South as you head back from the Minuteman statue to the starting point).

At Longview Road perform a total of 10 sprints, doing 5 from from mailbox #1 to mailbox #1A, and 5 from mailbox # 1 to the telephone pole on your left. Alternate between these 2 sprints, walking halfway down the hill and jogging the rest to recover.

After the 10 sprints are completed, recovery jog back to the starting point to finish.

Tryouts are approaching. Will you be fit enough to show well?

Tryouts are approaching. Will you be fit enough to show well?


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