Wreckers Hang With WSA Players

The Staples varsity team spent a few hours today visiting Westport Soccer Association youth games. They met and played with young players, led warmups, answered questions, talked to parents and coaches, and made many new fans.

The morning group headed to Coleytown Middle School front and back fields, where the 1st graders played. The action shifted in the afternoon to Burr Farms and Long Lots, where the 4th graders played.

One mother said, “My son was beaming. It was like Santa came to talk personally to him.”

Thanks to Nate Argosh, Patrick Beusse, Daniel Boyce, Andreas Bru, Kenji Goto, Graham Gudis, Ziggy Hallgarten, Sebo Hood, George Kokkalis, Charlie Leonard, James Lewis, Joe Pravder, Brenden Price, Sterling Price, Andrew Puchala, Michael Reid, James Rubin, Jack Scott, Steven Sobel and Connor Weiler for giving back to Westport’s youth soccer program, and inspiring a new generation of Westport soccer players.

James Lewis and Diego Alanis lead warmups at Burr Farms.


Sebo Hood, James Lewis, Brenden Price, Charlie Leonard, Sterling Price and Steven Sobel get ready to greet 4th graders at Long Lots. Steven’s long-throw demonstration drew plenty of attention.