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Devin Smiley ’93 Runs Triathlons For Marines

Devin Smiley ’93 checked in from San Diego.  The US Naval Academy graduate writes:

Throughout the years many of you have supported my various fundraising efforts, for which I am incredibly thankful.  Of course, there is something about this particular cause that I feel deeply committed and indebted to.

In the past year I’ve noticed a painfully sobering trend that has had a profound effect on me.  At Camp Pendleton I couldn’t help but notice the young wounded Marines and amputees walking around.  The fact that they can walk is something amazing to be thankful for.

But this number has steadily grown to the point that I couldn’t watch another Marine cross the street while I simply sat in my car humbled.  I feel I need to do more.  These Marines need resources to better transition into their new reality.  I owe them at least that.

Devin Smiley

That’s why I’ve joined the community of athletes to raise awareness and funds for the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund.  They provide immediate support for injured and critically ill service members in a variety of ways, including service member and family support, specialized and adaptive equipment, housing, transportation, education and career transition assistance, and therapeutic arts.

I’ll run in more than 6 triathlons and races in 2011 to raise at least $5000 for the Fund.  I’ve already raised almost $700, and I’m hoping to shatter my goal before the end of the year.

In order to do that, I need your assistance. You can help by donating, by reposting and spreading the word through Facebook and Twitter, as well sending this along to more family and friends via email.

Please follow this link to check out my fundraising site and to donate:

If you’d like to learn more about the Semper Fi Fund, their website is:

Thanks in advance for your help and support.

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