Published on May 18th, 2017 | by Staples Soccer


Tim Doran’s South Florida Surf Makes Waves

Miami FC scored 11 minutes from time last night, edging the South Florida Surf 3-2. The exciting US Open Cup 2nd round match was televised on ESPN3.

But the Surf had excited their fans. In only their 2nd year in the PDL, they finished 2nd in their division to qualify for the Open Cup. They won their 1st-round game 4-1.

And Staples soccer fans should be excited, because the team is owned in part by Tim Doran — a member of the 1986 Wreckers.

The Surf also sponsor an NPSL team, called Beaches FC.

“The main theme behind both teams is to improve players who want to play in college,” Doran says.

“The next main focus is to take those who are coming off a pro contract and want to get back.

“When you put both those types of players together, it’s a very positive situation for all 46 of them.”

To learn more about the South Florida Surf, click here.



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